Nuts: A Call to Arms

Obviously Dr. Christakis does not have a child who is allergic to nuts.
Nut allergy is a new phenomenon, which both parents and medical personnel are still trying to figure out.
Even though for medical personnel it is a interesting subject of study, for parents sending their allergic kids to schools it is a very worrisome issue. Therefore any effort on the school’s part to alleviate this worry is most welcomed by parents.
If schools decide to follow Dr. Christakis’s advice parents like us will be forced to remove our kids from such schools and place them in schools more sensitive to our concerns.

Comment on this NYT piece that suggests (predictably!) that the nut allergy hysteria is hysteria. Quantitatively, the dangers associated with nut allergies are tiny, but crusading parents use them as a weapon to take control of schools and neighborhoods.

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