On Bluerazz Sourpower Snackattackpacks

“Bluerazz Sourpower Snackattackpacks” is one of my favorite pages from A Lesson Is Learned, But The Damage Is Irreversible, by David Hellman and Dale Beran (I have many favorite pages). It’s got pathos, absurdity, references to classical and modern literature, and a silly but very appealing metaphysics that synthesizes ancient and contemporary visions. The look and flow of the art reflect the ideas of the story, like the broken images in panel 2ish, and the blue and purple coloring throughout that resolves into triangles in the middle of the page. Check it out.

Once you’ve gone and enjoyed it, I have some questions for you. Consider the beginning of the story:
It's these candy drops! They are so sour! They remind me of my bitter memories!

I have generally assumed that the “candy drops” (Dale’s speech in second bubble) are the same as what comes in the Snackattackpacks (Dale’s speech in fourth bubble). But, if so, they both trigger and are the only defense against the bitter memories. Do you think that is the intended reading? It seems to me to minimize the problem, in a way — to make the comic more about the candy drops and less about the anti-entropy of recollection, so less universal etc. — because the problem arises because of the candy drops in the first place. It’s not (explicitly) a condition of existence to be tormented by bitter memories; rather it is what happens to you when you taste the Snackattackpacks. Does that seem right to you? Perhaps that should be read ironically — it’s an obviously demented inversion of expectation to frame pain and regret as arising out of candy flavor (not to say I haven’t experienced that causal sequence).

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