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Greenwald on Paul, Obama and the hell of election seasons

Glenn Greenwald has this long harangue about the dumbness of the politically informed. I used to think Greenwald was shrill(!) and I suppose I still do but I increasingly agree with him, and if one feels onesself to be “in … Continue reading

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Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

On the one hand, he obviously hasn’t really accomplished anything. It grates that he should get a prize without a past record of achievement (he’s done many genuinely impressive things, but nobody believes running for President is Nobel-worthy). On the … Continue reading

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Are we still in a “War on Terror”?

I haven’t been clear where our new democratic overlords stand on that particular bit of rhetoric. But I did stumble across this, from SG Kagan’s confirmation hearing: There was no daylight between Ms. Kagan, who was the dean of Harvard … Continue reading

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Eric Foner waxes cantankerous on Fresh Air

This is a pretty good Fresh Air interview with historian Eric Foner. He basically talks about historical analogies to the Obama election and inauguration (the title and copy on the NPR website is wrong; he hardly talks about “post-Civil War … Continue reading

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Handsome, young and also suntanned

Silvio Berlusconi (I’m not a fan) said of Barack Obama, he’s “handsome, young and also suntanned” — suntanned here a substitute for black. Apparently some people think this is offensive (“to the United States”?!?). Seriously? It was hilarious, and I … Continue reading

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Discrediting the “presidential historian”

Michael Beschloss is a mediocre commentator whose career has been driven entirely by having secured the title of “presidential historian” in the media. Everyone in news media calls him that, with such uniformity that one is tempted to believe it’s … Continue reading

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Obama won; I sighed.

I’m not the most excited person I know, but I did vote for the guy, and I’m glad he won. I’m apprehensive over the landslide proportions of his victory, and the chance that the Senate will be led by a … Continue reading

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Better Politics Through Mecha: Metal Wolf Chaos

On this election night, after a grueling campaign season, check out a vision of a better American politics. Players begin the game as the heroic 47th U.S. President who mans a vertical tank to win back his country from the … Continue reading

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C’mon Bob

Current Bob Herbert column is really bad. It’s weird. I think of the guy as a little boring, but basically regular. But dude. His main sin here is basically throwing together everything that’s either Republican or related to the rich … Continue reading

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Alan and I on inequality and redistribution

Alan and I are having a somewhat amorphous discussion about how society should respond to inequality, and what kinds of inequalities justify “redistributivist” policies. The whole morass is over on his blog. I had no idea he would also go … Continue reading

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