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Wireless gaming and driverless cars

Nintendo has had huge success with portable game consoles, having sold over a hundred million Gameboys, and over 150 million Nintendo DSes. But the latest entrants into this market, the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita, both launched to doom … Continue reading

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10 Games I Actually Played in 2010 (speaking roughly)

What a year! This is not a top 10 videogame list — how many games do you have to play for a yearly top 10 to be a meaningful gesture? I have not played that many, even though I’ve played … Continue reading

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Some resources for your Dwarf Fortress

If, like me, you’ve been interested in the wonky mine simulator for a long time, but never gotten into it, here’s some stuff you may find helpful: Bronzemurder, a beautiful illustrated summary of a Dwarf Fortress game. New Mefi thread … Continue reading

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Cave Story vs. Super Metroid

Cave Story is finally out on the Wii ($12, which is more than free but pretty okay — in the ’90s this game would’ve been a steal for $50). I got it and have been playing through the Curly Brace … Continue reading

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Dawn of War II: joys and disappointments

The single-player campaign is a coke high. It’s the true successor to *craft in the real-time strategy arena. The originals at Blizzard took Diablo and Warcraft and mashed them up into World of Warcraft, and left Starcraft 2 a traditional … Continue reading

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Moral feelings without choice in games, Shadow of the Colossus.

I’ve got a new essay up here about the ways games can elicit moral feelings in players, in pursuit of a richer experience. Basically, I think choice and freedom are overemphasized in the discussion of game morality. Many games can … Continue reading

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Sci-fi and gaming: how far back do they go?

Sci-fi and gaming are demographically and thematically linked activities today. Why is that so and how far back does it go? Well, check this out: early SF writer H.G. Wells also designed “the first modern table top war game,” called … Continue reading

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Is “Stalin vs. Martians” propaganda?

There’s a silly, “trashy” (developers’ word) little indie RTS called “Stalin vs. Martians” out recently. You lead the Red Army against a ludicrous Martian invasion in 1942, and can deploy a huge Stalin to the field of battle. So obviously … Continue reading

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Would video game labeling requirements be unconstitutional?

From the Video Game Voters Network: As you read this, your Congressperson may be considering co-sponsoring the newest regulatory assault on video games – Rep. Joe Baca’s (D-CA) bill H.R. 231 “The Video Game Health Labeling Act.” Baca’s bill mandates … Continue reading

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Chrono Trigger, and time-travel in every JRPG

Thoughts on starting up Chrono Trigger (this is a cross-post from the Vintage Gaming Club.) Chrono Trigger is a game where the story is about time travel, but it also embodies a JRPG archetype where another form of time travel … Continue reading

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