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@tejucole’s Rule of Sevens

PEN/Hemingway-winning novelist and photographer and art historian Teju Cole participates in Twitter mostly through his “small fates,” small slices of life (and death), dead-pan reports of the criminal and macabre, usually from his native Nigeria. For example: Everybody‚Äôs a critic. … Continue reading

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Phylo: deeper gamification

It’s one thing to assign reward points for the completion of desired tasks. What Phylo does is much more impressive — create a mapping between game tasks and actually meaningful tasks so that completing the game task results in the … Continue reading

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Wireless gaming and driverless cars

Nintendo has had huge success with portable game consoles, having sold over a hundred million Gameboys, and over 150 million Nintendo DSes. But the latest entrants into this market, the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita, both launched to doom … Continue reading

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Do you need to know your TV to enjoy Family Guy? Why not?

Family Guy frequently makes reference to other TV shows as cultural touchstones. Last week’s episode has a joke about the skin colors of the cast of The Cosby Show. A frequent Family Guy opening gag has the family watching the … Continue reading

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Why does Language Log love “prescriptivism”? What does it even mean?

(My theory, which I posted on Metafilter a minute ago. NB I briefly discussed this topic w/ Sarang some time ago. I lost the exchange but he has probably influenced my views. Note also that there is a pretty good … Continue reading

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Paula Deen’s diabetes and theories of blame

Celeb chef Paula Deen has announced she has Type II diabetes, and become the spokesperson for a major diabetes drug. Apparently the backstory is that her food is extremely unhealthy. Do you buy this moral theory: Whatever Bourdain’s personal faults, … Continue reading

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Some Games I Actually Played in 2011 (kinda)

At the end of 2010, I posted “10 Games I Actually Played in 2010,” and found it a useful summing-up. I decided to try again this year, but I couldn’t think of 10 Games I Actually Played in 2011. The … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Scruples

Weird shit reminder from Metafilter: The Peanut Butter Solution is a 1985 Canadian ‘family’ film about a boy who is scared bald trying to sneak into a burned house and cops a hairgrowth recipe from two ghosts. Then things get … Continue reading

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Greenwald on Paul, Obama and the hell of election seasons

Glenn Greenwald has this long harangue about the dumbness of the politically informed. I used to think Greenwald was shrill(!) and I suppose I still do but I increasingly agree with him, and if one feels onesself to be “in … Continue reading

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Is This A Thing? (Fireworks in your home edition)

Last night at 4AM Steph and I were awoken by an explosive booming, loud as a gunshot but with the flapping aftershock of a fart. Then, a minute later, another. Then another. Somewhat terrified, we peered out the window, and … Continue reading

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